Alma Street Synagogue and Old Age Home

Address: H-1122 Budapest, Alma Str. 2/b.
Telephone: +36 (1) 355-2765
Manager: Judit Dan
Shaliach Tzibbur: Daniel Dan

The rest home has two buildings: The ‘lower’ one was built for water-therapy in 1853. Few years later it was bought and recovered by the Budapest Orthodox Israelitish Community. The ‘upper’ building was built in 1920.
This institution has a sad historical remembrance concerning to Soah: Contrary to the Red Cross and the police protection, the local Arrow-Cross officers appeared in the evening 19th January 1945: Men were executed in the rest home and women were on the Szamos street. The Soviet Army has already within 500 meters from the place.
Nowdays, this complex is functioning not only as a rest home for elder people, but also the only one orthodox prayer room in Buda.

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