Orthodox Chevra Kadisa

Chevra Kadisa: Paskesz Zev

Phone: +36 (1) 351 0525

E-mail: chevra@maoih.hu

Web: www.chevrakadisa.hu

Jewish burial is done by the Chevra Kádisa, or Holy Society. We already have a source on the existence of the association from the 300s, in the history of Rav Hamnuna, which can be read in Moed Kathan 27b. From here we can also learn the “mesz mitzvah”,  the death mitzvah, which is the most important of all 613 mitzvahs.

The Chevra Kádisa is the most basic and perhaps most important institution in Jewish communities. In addition to dealing with the deceased and the bereaved family, it is also the main charity association, which is also called upon to provide assistance to the poor and sick.

Once a year, on the 7th of the month of Adar, at the day of Zayin, the association gives a festive fish dinner to the community, at which time the deaths of the previous year are commemorated. Our community also holds its annual membership at such times.


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