A hitközség friss hírei

Sharon Paskesz angol nyelvű tanítása – תולדת

The parsa tells us about Rebecca our matriarch. 

When Avrohom send his servant Eliezer to find a wife for his son Yitzhak he arrived at a water well. Rebecca approached and saw opportunities to give  water not just to Eliezer, but also to his camels.

By doing so she showed her very essence was kindness, generosity and charitable. She was concerned with others physical and emotional needs. She could have just helped Eliezer and let him deal with his own camels, instead she was sensitive to the fact that his animals were also thirsty and gave them water. 

The commentator Bet  haLevy explains that Rebecca gave from her only jug to a stranger whose cleanliness was doubtful, the remaining water were given to the camels and she offered to continue drawing water for him to show that she was not getting rid of the remaining water.

The most admirable fact about Rebecca that she was able to maintain the high level of sensitivity coming although she came from a town of swindlers, idol worshippers, and selfishness. 

Her brother, Lovon, was so insensitive that he could not be happy about his sisters future marriage but was selfishly absorbed in what he could get out of it. 

Rebecca, had to grow up in such a negative environment, and yet emerging from it with a sense of righteousness and goodness enable us to withstand, grow and develop an inherent to our offspring: love, actions of kindness and benevolence.

Shabbat Shalom!

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A hitközség friss hírei
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