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Sharon Paskesz angol nyelvű tanítása – וישלח‎

Parashat Vayishlach

Leah, who was married to Jacob, was one of the matriarchs of the Jewish nation.
It’s written about her in the Talmud:

„From the day God created the world, there was no one who thanked God until Leah came and thanked him.” (Berakhot 7b.)

Leah named her fourth son Yehuda, – Yehuda contains the letters of God’s ineffable name, as well as the root of the name means thankfulness, praise and gratitude.

Leah’s gratitude was special. She new that the Jewish nation, was destined to come from four women. Leah, Rachel, Bilah and Zilpah.

He came as a gift, unexpected, which led to a heartfelt gratitude. The Jews have come to be called Yehudim, to be grateful to God who is giving us more than our rightful share.

We should see every breath as unexpected gifts from God, express our gratitude from the „Mode Ani” in the morning until the „Shema” in the evening.

Shabbat Shalom!

Sharon Paskesz

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