Wesselényi Street Nursery, Kindergarten and School

Address: H-1075 Budapest, Wesselényi Street 44.
Contact: +36 (1) 413-0137
Director: Margit Runda

In 1990, the orthodox community started to establish its own educational institutions and infrastructures. Nowdays, the school has been equipped by modern educational facilities, additionally there is also working a synagogue and kosher kitchen. The department gives places to nursery, play school, primary school and elementary school.

Budapest Kolel

Address: H-1074 Budapest Dob Str. 35.
Rosh jesiva: Zeev Paskesz
Telephone: +36 (30) 753-6432

Basically, adults are learning Talmud and various topics at the ‘kolel’. It means that many jewish fathers, families and youngsters in Budapest have an opportunity to taught by Zeev Paskesz.

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