Welcome to the official website of the Autonomous Orthodox Jewish Community of Hungary!

Our umbrella organization still plays an outstanding role in the life of the Hungarian Jewish community. Our primary goal is to ensure and continuously improve the conditions of Jewish religious life in Hungary. We maintain educational institutions (crèche, kindergarten, school, grammar school), we provide learning opportunities for all ages, elderly people, mi- nor, synagogues and prayer houses in the capital and in the countryside, and care for orthodox cemeteries. Last but not least, we provide the kosher conditions (kasrut) for the entire Hungarian Jewry and its institutional system.

Among our religious institutions, there are almost all ways our community members can practice judaism: orthodox, modern Orthodox, Hassid communities are both part of Jewish religious life in Hungary.
The purpose of our site is to provide a brief overview of the organization’s structure, it’s history and contact details of each institution.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Regards, team


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