Csucsor (Granatos) Street Cemetery

Address: 1108 Budapest, Csucsor street 12.

Janitor: +36 (1) 351 0525

The only Orthodox Israeli cemetery in Budapest is still located in Csucsor (formerly: Gránátos) Street. The cemetery was opened in 1927, when the three-division ceremonial house was established, where men are washed and dressed on the left and women on the right, and the funeral room is located in the middle.


According to Jewish regulations, the tombs are not covered with stone, here we can only find buried tombs. A memorial to the people killed by Hungarian archers in Városmajor Street Hospital in January 1945 during the Buda massacre is also located in the cemetery. Many rabbinical magnitudes rest in the cemetery, such as Rabbi Blum Ben-Zion of Berettyóújfalu, József Czitron and Márton Weisz, Orthodox Chief Rabbis of Budapest, etc.


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