A hitközség friss hírei

Paskesz Sharon angol nyelvű tanítása – פָּרָשָׁת וַיִּגַּש

When Yakkov Avinu and his family travel down to Mitzrayim, they are beginning a new era.


Their descendants are destined to spend hundreds of years in servitude. Usually when a small group of

people is living within a large nation, it’s difficult to preserve a separate identity and not to be assimilated.

In order to prevent this from happening Yosef encouraged Pharaoh to put them in one place, Goshen, far away from the pagan Egyptians.

Yehuda was sent before Yakkov to establish a place of study, from which teaching would go forth.

Being separated from the gentiles and keeping our life around Torah has always been and will stay the essential key of our survival.

Sharon Paskesz

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A hitközség friss hírei
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