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Sharon Paskesz angol nyelvű magyarázata – חיי שרה

The narrative begins with the death of Sarah imenu, one of our matriarch who established the foundation of the Jewish nation, and are compared to the root of the tree that has its source in their lives and guides us in our spiritual growth.

Sarah‘s commitment to sanctify every aspect of life remains a Jews central purpose to this day, Sara elevated the mundane and made it holy.

Each time we use the physical for a higher purpose, we create in ourselves a dwelling place for God. In this way, physicality never becomes an end unto itself. 

We have the potential to walk the path of Sarah, infusing meaning into our existence. 

Sarah utilized everything and every action in life to enhance her relationship with God, even in the midst of the most challenging circumstances.

God bestowed Sarah’s home with three miracles:

  1. her Shabbat candles burned all week long. 
  2. her chala was blessed with a divine satisfied quality. 
  3. the presence of God hung over her tent in the form of a cloud.                                

Unfortunately we no longer live in the era of open miracles, yet the mitzvot of candle lightening, taking chala and observing the purity of the family laws indicate the desire to elevate elevate the physical world and make it spiritual.

Shabbat Shalom,

Sharon Paskesz

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A hitközség friss hírei
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