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Sliszel-chálá, a kulcs alakú bárchesz szombatja – angol nyelvű tanítás

Rabbi Avitans clip & Summary
‎בשם כל ישראל- Bshem kol Yisrael

*The Shabbat of the Key*

The coming shabbat is known as the Shabbat of the key (שבת מפתח) given that we bake Challa in the shape of a key. What most people don’t know is how much abundance and blessing one can get by preforming this segoula.

There are a few different ways to make this special challa:

-shape the dough in the shape of a key

-place a key in the challa before baking it

-sprinkles sesame seeds on top of the challa in the shape of a key

According to Kabbala and Tsadikim this segoula has important significance that can bring down an infinite amount of abundance. The same way we say פותח את ידך and open our hands all the while praying for bracha to come down, this Shabbat we bring the abundance down through the custom of baking a key shaped challa and ask that our key open up the “doors” of abundance in the sky.

The Shabbat after pessach is normally Shabbat mevorachim for the month of Iyar. Iyar was the month during which the Mann started coming down to benei Israel in the desert. The Mann is a symbol of parnassa.

After pessach we start a new year so we ask Hashem to bless us with parnassa and abundance for the new year (especially after all the expenses from the holidays).

On this special Shabbat mevorachim we bake challa, the ultimate symbol of Shabbat kodesh, in the shape of a key to symbolize that from down here (in this world) we are using our key to open the doors of abundance in shamayim.

Rabbi Israel from Apta zt”l says that Shabbat mevorachim for the month of Iyar is a great segoula for parnassa.

The numerical value (gematria) of the words parnassa + Mann + Challa = Mafteach (key)

פרנסה + מן +חלה = מפתח

The Beth Avraham from Slonim zt”l says that in the Gemara there is a disagreement amongst the sages. Some say that if the Jewish people keep two Shabbats Mashiah will come and some say if one Shabbat is kept the Mashiah will come.

So which one is it?

The Beth Avraham from Slonim zt”l says that the Gemara is referring to the shabbats that fall during the weeks of the Omer (7 shabbats). Every Shabbat that is kept and all mitzvot preformed (candle lighting, kiddoush…) during these Shabbats give you double the merits of any other Shabbat and therefore one Shabbat well kept during the weeks of the Omer count as 2 shabbats.

This coming shabbat is the second of 7 and is considered to be a BIG Shabbat filled with abundance. It is the first Shabbat following the splitting of the sea (7th day of Pesach). Parnassa (and zivougim) is known to be as difficult as the splitting of the sea, but now the sea has been split and we are “holding” the key (our challa) and are now ready to receive the blessings of abundance from Hashem.

Generally the honoring of Shabbat  is what bring us blessing and abundance for the week. Anything one does to honor Shabbat increases the amount of blessing one receives.

The holly Zohar writes that when a person sets their Shabbat table thousands of angels along with the Shechina come down to the table. The Shechina blesses the table and the thousands of angels all answer amen. This occurs every Shabbat and we are getting an even bigger blessing on this Shabbat when we hold the KEY of abundance in our hands.

May we all merit to be blessed with unlimited abundance and blessing B’H and the coming of Mashiah very soon! Amen

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