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Why the world is so crazy – angol nyelvű eladás a Kazinczyban

Chaim David Targan író angol nyelvű eladása a geuláról a Kabbala tükrében
augusztus 17-én kedden 18:30-kor a Sász Chevrában.
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Understanding the Geula from a Kabbalistic Perspective

with Chaim David Targan, Author, Speaker and Kabbalistic Energy Healer from Tzfat


Understand How We all have the Geula Backwards
Why is Corona Helping Bring the Geula?
Who’s Who in The Geula?
Why the Geula is the 2nd version of Purim.  With the same players
Learn How to Be Part of the Process of Bringing the Geula

TIME: 17th August 6:30PM

LOCATION: 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy utca 29–31. Shas Chevra Shul

Background of Chaim David Targan
Chaim David is an unusual blend of right and left brain personality, defying stereotypes. A Wharton trained Finance guy and Bain strategist, ChaimDavid then went on to start seven pioneering companies and had been featured on CNN and in the Wall Street Journal, USAToday, BusinessWeek among others.  Then 18+ years ago, (as he likes to say as he was „minding his own business”) bzechut Avot, in the merit of his great Kabbalistic master ancestors, ChaimDavid’s mystical, Kabbalistic and intuitive gifts opened up:   1) First in connecting to the higher worlds, 2) Then being a shaliach for healing and opening up people to their potentials on all levels and 3) Then being a shaliach for working on the Geula to help bring it in the sweetest way possible.

He has learned at the Kabbalistic Yeshivahs Nahar Shalom and Leshem in Yerushalayim, at numerous places in Tzfat, and with the masters Rav Moshe Schatz in Jerusalem and Rav Yehuda Greenberg in Tzfat with whom he is presently working on Kabbalistic Seforim for the Geula.

He has been teaching or working with 40,000+ on every continent, runs worldwide conference calls around every Rosh Chodesh, and is the founder of The Geula Foundation.  From the healing perspective, he works with private clients and businesses from an intuitive perspective and speaks around the world on on the Geula – From Jerusalem to Palm Beach, Milan, Barcelona, and Florida to California, Tzfat, New York, Miami and Hevron. He has spoken at Aish, Chabad, Carlebach Shabbatons, Limmud, JCC and numerous places elsewhere.  Through his Kabbalistic energy work, he is privileged to be a shaliach for  bring immense brachas into people’s lives  – from 300+ shidduchim, help with Shalom Bayit & Parnassa, and in helping thousands open up their own intuitive gifts.

He can be reached at ET@GeulaFoundation.org

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